Sour Cream Blueberry Pancakes

Shh, don’t tell the kids they are good for them… Of all the dishes I served up at the inn for 18 years, the most frequently requested meal from repeat guests was blueberry pancakes. People remember them, think about them, desire them, and will eat them with gusto when served. Not only a favorite of…

Mom’s Best Mashed Potatoes with a Potato Peeling Twist

What’s better than mashed potatoes? How about a crispy potato peeling topping? If we forgot mashed potatoes at the Thanksgiving table, there would be a revolt. But since we need to please all eaters with this important dish, making it vegan friendly is as simple as it is important! I think I would definitely rate […]

Homemade Lemon Pasta with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Homemade pasta is fun to make (or quick if you do it in a food processor) and with just the simple addition of lemon, you are already on your way to a flavorful dinner. I’ve made homemade pasta with my my kids and grandkids since they were able to form a ball of play dough….

Smoked Salmon Wiggle over Roasted Vegetables

It sounds silly, I know. But, if you grew up in New England, your mom probably made a “wiggle.” It was usually made with salmon or tuna, and silly name or not, it was the favorite of many. This New England classic was a a delicious and cheap meal when I was a kid, and…