Fennel and Leek “Vichyssoise” with Seared Scallops

A lighter version of one of our family’s favorites. Guilt-free, but just as delicious! It’s not a traditional Vichyssoise, but it is just as delicious (and there’s a vegan alternative too). My mother-in-law Pat Read was one of the best chefs I’ve ever known, and I learned lots from her. She ran two splendid restaurants…

Polenta Pizza with Sautéed Fennel and Leeks

If somehow you accidentally end up with a five-pound bag of cornmeal, dust off an old recipe or two! A few years ago, I clipped Mark Bittman’s recipe for polenta pizza from the New York Times. His version used pancetta and spinach and involved making the polenta, letting it set in the refrigerator until firm….