5 Chilled Summer Soups

We have a dilemma – with all the wonderful vegetables available right now, it’s just too hot to cook! Chilled summer soups solve the problem, and can take only moments to prepare.

Cherries. Yes.

Sweet or sour, fresh local cherries, these jewels of summer, are ready to enchant. Clafoutis? Scones? How about brandied cherries for gifts?

Spring Marriage: Strawberry And Rhubarb

A little tart, a little sweet! My mother loved rhubarb, not as a foil to sweet, but straight up in its own right. Her favorite way to eat it was to pick it, add some salt, and eat it raw! I never thought this was right, but one day I actually tried it and it…

Food on a Stick!

It’s time for a cookout! My granddaughter says we all love food on a stick because it is fun to eat! She’s right. The farmers’ markets and farm stands are open. The trees have leafed out and it feels like summer in Vermont, at least most days. One of the first things we do is…

The Delightful Season of Asparagus

Set the beets aside, please… Just about the time you can’t face cooking another root vegetable, the beautiful green spears of asparagus start peeking out of the newly warmed soil. On a warm day, you can almost watch them grow. It’s just about time! The intense flavor of this fresh vegetable is vastly superior to…

Let’s Talk Bread

Baguettes, loaves, boules, long ferments or quick rise, baking bread is a link to both the past and future.

Grilled Salad of Bitter Greens

Bitter just needs to be balanced! I love bitter foods! I know it is not to some folks’ taste, but when balanced with a little sweet and a little sour, the possibilities are amazing. Rapini? Love it, and I totally ignore all blanching instructions to “remove the bitterness;” goodness, that’s why I chose this vegetable…