Eggs for Supper!

Omelets, Simple Scramble, or Stunning Soufflé?

Having run a bed and breakfast for many years, I’ve made more omelets and soufflés than I can count. But when I make them for my own family, it is usually for supper! We love breakfast at dinnertime, usually on a day when time has just gotten away from us, whether a quick scrambled egg or something more complicated, they are satisfying and delicious.

Sometimes I plan ahead for a supper that features eggs and seasonal ingredients we love. Cheese soufflé is a favorite of the family and takes quite a bit more time than a scramble. This dish can also double as dessert in its many variations from a simple addition of sautéed apples, to a makeover using chocolate.

Recipe here: 1-2-3 Cheese Soufflé

cheese souffle



You can fill an omelet with anything you love from fresh creations to leftover casseroles! One of our favorite egg dishes is a simple omelet featuring exquisite bay scallops from local waters.

Nantucket or Massachusetts Bay scallops are the best in the world, and this recipe will help you stretch this pricy ingredient. Nantucket Bay Scallop Omelet with Peas

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