Vegan Crème Fraîche

This is a quick and simple sauce that can liven up any number of dishes from grilled vegetables to baked tofu

We love a creamy addition to recipes, and this simple sauce can be used as is, or dressed up with any number of herbs and spices.

Try mixing in some freshly snipped chives and add to a baked potato!


*Vegan “Crème Fraîche”

In a blender, combine 1/2 brick silken tofu with a tsp. of maple syrup, a tbsp. of grape seed or other neutral oil, a pinch of salt, and the juice of one lemon. Process until thick and creamy.

Lemon Sauce: If you want more of a lemon presence, add the zest of the lemon as well.

Green Goddess Dressing: Drizzle in a quarter cup of oil and thin to desired consistency with soy milk. Add a large handful of parsley, some chives, a couple of scallions, tarragon, dill, or any other herb you like! Lots of freshly ground pepper too!

Creamy Hot Sauce: Add 2 tbsp. ketchup and hot sauce to the heat level you like and continue blending.

Mustard Sauce: Make the base and add a tbsp. of Dijon mustard and a tbsp. of capers and a tsp. of the brine.

Taco Sauce: Use lime juice and zest instead of the lemon, add a half tsp. of chili powder, a half tsp. of cumin, and hot sauce to your liking.

You get the idea!

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