Shiitake Mushroom Noodle Soup with Peas Three Ways

Shiitake mushrooms are the star here, but peas three ways are perfect supporting actors.

Growing up, my uncle Leonard and Aunt Mary were neighbors. He was a great forager of many wild delights, especially mushrooms. From a young age, I learned to love the flavor of chanterelles, hen of the woods (maitake), morels, and other wild treasures. It’s a good thing, because the only mushrooms found in the grocery store in those days were fresh white button or slimy canned.

A little fresh, a little dried, a lot of flavor

But times have changed, and we have a world of mushrooms just begging to be used. Shiitake mushrooms are a favorite mushroom in my family. They are filled with both flavor and nutrition, and I use them whenever possible from stir-fries to omelets. In a soup, they lend a meatiness and flavor that is memorable. They are not native to our area, but our local farmers have been growing them for years, much to my pleasure!

            I’ve used both fresh and dried mushrooms here to extract the most flavor. Tucked in my refrigerator is a bag of accumulated mushrooms stems and pieces I save to make mushroom broth. This is what I used here, but you can also use any fresh button or crimini mushroom. I’ve gotten good deals on seconds that have dried out a bit, they are actually filled with more flavor, just pass by any that are slimy. Look for dried shiitake mushrooms, to lend an enhanced flavor to the dish. They are getting quite easy to find, but check the source that they are not from China.

Now, for the peas

            The peas round out the flavor in this soup, and I’ve used frozen peas, fresh snow peas, and pea shoots fresh from a local farm. During pea season, use everything fresh, and toss the pods of the shelling peas in with the mushroom stock for even more flavor.

            The buckwheat noodles give this light soup a bit more heartiness. You can use any favorite noodle here. I’ve cooked them separately and added them to the bowl before ladling on the broth. If cooked in the broth, they will absorb too much of the soup.

Shiitake Mushroom Noodle Soup with Peas Three Ways

  • 8 oz. trimmed shiitake mushrooms, sliced
  • 8 oz. mushroom stems and pieces, or market seconds
  • 1 tbsp. fruity olive oil
  • 1 large yellow onion, chopped, skins and all
  • ½ oz. dried shiitake mushrooms
  • 10 cups water
  • 2 oz. snow peas, any strings removed
  • 1 cup thawed frozen green peas
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 8 oz. buckwheat soba noodles
  • Scallions and pea shoots to garnish

Clean all mushrooms with a damp towel.

Trim the stems from the shiitake mushrooms, set aside the caps for later, and place the stems in a large saucepan with a tablespoon, of fruity olive oil. This is the beginning of your broth. Chop any other mushrooms and pieces you are using, stems and all, and add them to the saucepan.

Chop up the entire onion, skins, roots, and all, and add to the pan. Sauté over medium high until everything has softened.

The stems and pieces of mushrooms, the entire onion, and dried mushrooms simmer for a half hour.

Add 10 cups of water, the dried mushrooms, and a little salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 30 minutes. Strain broth into a large saucepan, taste, and correct seasoning.

While the stock is simmering, bring a pot of water to boil to cook the buckwheat noodles according to package directions. Mine were done in six minutes after the water boiled.

Add the reserved sliced mushrooms to the stock and cook for about 10 minutes. Add the snow peas and thawed peas and continue cooking until the pods are just tender.

Place a serving of noodles in each bowl, spoon over the soup and garnish with the scallions and pea shoots. When eating, stir the pea shoots into the broth to wilt.

Sugar Snow – This morning’s surprise five new inches. The Season of Deception is upon us, and soup will remain a staple for a while yet. But the sap is running and this sugar snow will be gone before nightfall!

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  1. NativeNM says:

    Your outdoor winter wonderland is gorgeous! You picked the right soup for a day like this! Hearty and delicious!

    1. Thank you! We’re hoping it melts today!

  2. Chef Mimi says:

    Oh, this looks delicious and satisfying and cleansing.

    1. Thank you Mimi! It’s one of my favorites, and I always feel virtuous when I eat it!

  3. Teresa says:

    This looks delicious! I’m looking forward to trying it.

    1. Thank you Teresa! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  4. Americaoncoffee says:

    What a nice and different take on Shiitake. I haven’t tried them in a noodle soup. I enjoy many types of mushrooms. 👍❤️

    1. If you like mushrooms, you will love this one!

      1. Americaoncoffee says:

        I will try this one !❤️

  5. Such a beautiful Spring soup, loaded with flavor and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

    1. It does taste like spring Jenna! Light and lovely.

  6. Maggie says:

    The soup looks delicious. I will try it soon. Right now I have purple kale to use so I’m looking for a good soup recipe for that. It is forecast to be cold this weekend!

    1. Ah kale! Perhaps a batch of colcannon for St. Patrick’s Day? I’m working on a special recipe…

      1. Maggie says:

        I made a kale, fire roasted tomato and white bean soup. It was yummy!

      2. Oh Maggie, that sounds really delicious and so healthful!

      3. Maggie says:

        It was good.

  7. Oh, that soup looks good! I could have a bowl right now. And man oh man do I ever love “The Season of Deception.” A perfect description of March in Maine, too.

    1. Yes it is summer one day and back in winter the next. After last night’s snow, the sun is now out and it is 40 degrees!

      1. Yes. Sigh. March marches on.

      2. A great way to put it Laurie!

  8. Carole says:

    Your stock suggestions are always the best! I have learned so much from your posts about getting flavorful broth.

    1. Thank you so much Carole! I appreciate your kind words.
      I’ve learned over the years to extract as much flavor from otherwise wasted vegetable scraps as possible. When you look at the expense of a purchased stock, with all its sodium and additives, it’s a good incentive to make your own!

  9. looks so fresh and tasty. I can smell the wonderful mushroom aroma right from the photos!

    1. Thank you Ronit! Love mushrooms so much, and shiitakes are my favorite.

      1. Same here! 🙂

  10. Looks so inviting!

    1. Thank you! It was appreciated on a cold night.

  11. Nancy says:

    That winter wonderland is perfect for soup eating and your words to describe it are perfect. I remember March so well when I lived in OHIO.
    This soup looks delicious… I am always amazed by your creativity when putting a dish together. and then your presentation is amazing as well. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Nancy! You are so sweet!
      When our inn was in full operation, I learned that fussing just a little with presentation was gold. It makes everyone feel special to see something presented to them that shows that bit of fuss! XXOO

  12. Looks delicious and nutritious! 💕C

    1. Thanks Cheryl! It is both! And I feel virtuous when I’m eating it. Happy too!

  13. Bernadette says:

    Oh my goodness Dorothy that storm is quite an unwelcome sight in March. I just bought a bag of shiitake mushrooms yesterday. I better get out and buy some peas because this recipe is too good not to make.

    1. Thank you Bernie! It all melted by mid-afternoon, but we’re forecast more snow tomorrow! Guess I need to make a new pot of soup too!
      Enjoy! 💕

  14. Gail says:

    This looks absolutely scrumptious. Do you think I could add shrimp? 🤔🍃🦐

    1. I think that would be delicious here! Shrimp and shiitake = wonderful combination!
      Plus they will look pretty. 🍤

  15. I have a mushroom grow a few miles from me omg his are amazing! I never tried mushrooms until 1978 and they were on a pizza. I always had the button white variety what was I missing lol now I add them to so many meals yum.

    1. I know! Most of the farmers around here have been growing them, and they are large and moist and meaty!
      Mom bought the button mushrooms now and then and that is all there was in the stores!

      1. Very true so happy with the way things have changed for the better on some things.

  16. I would love this soup.

    1. Thank you Jovina! It was really satisfying.

  17. sunisanthosh says:

    The soup looks so tempting and outdoor is very beautiful, Dorothy.

    1. Thank you! It melted quickly, but we are supposed to get more today!

  18. Looks delicious

    1. Thank you! It was really tasty.

  19. Sowmya says:

    Looks delicious and sounds flavourful Dorothy

    1. Thank you so much Sowmya! It is one of my favorites!

  20. Mushroom and noodles oh my! This looks amazing Dorothy!

    1. Thank you Diane. It certainly ticks my comfort food boxes!

  21. I like how meaty shiitakes are but those 3 ways peas must be absolutely delicious 😋
    The sugar snow made a landscape of a winter wonderland! ❄️😍

    1. Thank you! The peas really lift this dish. I adore a stock made with peas during the traditional English pea season, as brief as it is!

  22. nancyc says:

    I’m a fan of mushrooms, so this sounds like a great soup to me! 🙂 It looks very spring-like too, with all those green veggies! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It did taste a lot like spring with its lightness and the peas!

  23. Judee says:

    Although I live in warm sunny south Florida, I still love soup. Your recipe looks absolutely delicious . Yum.

    1. Thank you! It is my new favorite!

  24. Leah says:

    I love the earthy flavor of shitake mushrooms.. When I have them in my Asian soup, I’m happy.😊

    1. They make me happy too Leah!

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