The taste of the Sea, with a little curry to flavor it up!

This curry can be made with whatever seafood you find locally! Here, we’ve used wild caught sustainable New England fish and shellfish from the cold northern waters of the Gulf of Maine. When I make a seafood curry, you know company is coming. Let’s get together! We’ll cook. Recently, we were delighted to have a…

Apple, Onion, and Cheese Party Sandwich

A little sweet, a little savory, and full of flavor, this sandwich can please a crowd and yes, you can make it vegan quite easily. After this long entertainment drought, I’m certainly looking forward to having family and friends over, and it’s never too early to plan for a party. While a big gathering is…

Maple Oat Bread

There are some recipes that take you home, and some that create home for your own family. This one is both. Maple and oat are both staples of the north. Maple, of course, is the sweet spring essence of our forests and a much welcomed ingredient used by early settlers. It’s our first crop of…

Haddock (or Tofu) Poached with Blood Oranges

Blood oranges are in season, and they lend a tangy burst of flavor to a simple piece of fish, or a brick of tofu! I’m always delighted to find the beautiful blood oranges when they are in season. Their vibrancy is stunning, and their flavor is a zesty pop of freshness in the winter kitchen….

Smoked Lemon Lavender Tofu

Santa brought me a new toy for Christmas, a hand-held smoking gun. I’ve been playing a lot in the kitchen… My new toy in the kitchen has been put to good use, and it’s been fun practicing. I think you can smoke just about anything, in fact, there are few things I’ve eyed recently that […]